Tsvetomir Doskov: The financial market should synchronize its services

25 oct 2016

According to Mr. Doskov some of the challenges the financial market has to face are to organize and create prequisites for interactive and easily accessible services; to motivate the sales network and set realistic goals; to provide specialized services for the various customer categories, as well as to maintain constant contact with the customers in order to satisfy their requirements and needs. Based on company’s long term expirience and expertise SirmaBC advises its customers to invest in open architecture solutions, which would support the achievement of their organization’s business goals while maintaining the increasing requirements for security, privacy of personal data, rapid identification of customers and ensure information consistency. And last but not least, the market faces challenges to synchronize and unify the various services through the different sales channels.

What SirmaBC develops as a model and strategy is the building of consultancy teams to deliver specific solutions for specific industry, increasingly abandoning the model for providing pre-built products and using open software platforms for developing customer system solutions. These solutions simplify and standardize the work of the front office staff and facilitates access and use of products from the end users through electronic channels.

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