UBX Distraints

Web based softmare application for process automation of distraint orders and inquiries

  • Multilevel architecture

  • Independent from DB, Application server

  • Cross device web interface

  • Multi-functionality

  • Multilanguage

  • Multilevel of Security

  • a Web based software application for process automation of distraint orders and inquiries

  • Supports the basic processes when processing of distraint orders and inquiries – registering an inquiry; registering a distraint order; actions, regarding the processing of a distraint order (blocking, unblocking, payment) ; generating a response of a distraint order/inquiry


Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube
Unique and innovative functionality
Continuous operating mode of the system
Monitoring and control of the stages of processing the distraint orders
Centralized database (Register of distraint orders and inquiries), history of the performed actions and archival of all documents regarding a distraint case
Convenient user interface


Management of distraint orders

  • Account blocking and lifting of a blocking on an account

  • Centralization of the processes associated with processing of distraint orders, as well as maintenance of records of these orders, the actions taken upon these orders and official letters sent by the bank to the institutions

  • Registers and processes distraint orders

  • Registers documents upon cases

  • Provides debtor account information