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Bank Espirito Santo (BES)

Status: Completed
Sector: Banking

Company overview: 

One of the leading banks in Portugal, with the largest stock market capitalization, present in 25 countries, operating over 600 offices world wide, and servicing 2.2 million clients

Situation Overview

Espirito Santo Bank decided to upgrade and migrate information from FlexCube UBS version 7.1 to version 11.1 for its offices in Venezuela and Macao, with SirmaBC performing the following  services

Implementation and Migration

  • The migration of Core parameters, products and interfaces set-up; 

  • The delivery of all necessary scripts needed to execute the business data migration from FlexCube v.7.1 to v.11.1. 

  •  The migration of all Interfaces from 

  • FlexCube v.7.1 to v.11.1. 

  • The migration of Business Objects (BO) reports to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). 

  • The subsequent testing and match between the two versions, including the testing of Interfaces, Reports 

  • The testing of processes for migrating and validating Business Data 

  • Implementation and testing of enhancements and fixes, provided by OFSS for FC UBS v.11.1

Additional Interfaces and Modules

Development of specific interfaces for:

  • Kondor+ on-line interface for MM contracts input 

  • ATM Switch and on-line debit card transactions authorization interface.

  • SWIFT interface with a third party provider using the Swift Alliance product.

​Coverage of FC modules and business services:

  • Customer data, CASA , FT, SI, TD -> CD, LD -> CL, ELCM, DV, SE, FX, MM, BC, LC and FlexBranch (RT);

WebServices, synchronous and asynchronous notification systems

SirmaBC developed, delivered and installed a Cheque Clearing application

Multiple language support, audit trail, transaction and reversal authorisation options, process scheduling and dependency definition,  manual and automated day definition plus:

  • Bulk input screen validations and processing

  • In-house clearing 

  • Referral and repair queue 

  • Inward and outward clearing

  • Cheques Confirmation

Develop and incorporate interfaces with FlexCube UBS v.11.1 as required for Cheque Clearing processing.

  • Retail teller transaction;

  • Clearing transaction; 

  • Amount block and release; 

  • Stop payment and release 

  • Outward clearing file; 

  • Inward clearing file; 

  • Inward returns file; 

  • Outward response file; 

  • Form and firma correction file;

Store and provide access to all necessary date for Reporting Data System

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