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Oracle FlexCube

FlexCube Third Party Consulting

SirmaBC’s FlexCube third party consulting service is appropriate for customers /banks and financial institutions/, which have already acquired the Flexcube core banking system and are in the process of implementing the solution. SirmaBC’s Flexcube experts have earned their Flexcube expertise through extensive involvement in multiple projects in the same field. They will provide a valuable addition to the knowledge base of the customer. Some of the best advantages of our FlexCube consultation services are the embedded system integration experience, as well as the ability to save time and properly plan the entire implementation project beginning to end. 

Consultancy services
  • Solution approval process and evaluation

  • Flexcube hardware sizing estimates and verifications

  • Assist and review in the preparation of the entire Flexcube project implementation plan

  • Structure of the appropriate and most efficient implementation teams

  • Methodology for project organization and status reports

  • Project overview and monitoring

  • Hardware/Software planning and installation consulting

  • Quality assurance expertise

  • Post migration support and future system exploitation training 

We assist our customers in effectuating their objectives. With the help of our FlexCube experts and the use of our experience and knowledge, this implementation process does not have to be funded by high initial costs and large-scale investments. So save time, effort and expense by putting your trust in SirmaBC. 

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