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Banking & Finance

Financial services

Financial services

SirmaBC is focused on designing all types of business processes in a bank/financial institution to ensure that they are optimized and effective. Business processes should meet customer requirements and support organizational development and growth. A well-modeled process will improve efficiency and deliver greater productivity.

SirmaBC is building decision support systems and a knowledge-based applications architecture and environment that is used for both everyday tactical decision making and long-term business strategizing.

Selection of System Solution

Request for Information Preparation
  • Identification of customer needs.

  • Preparation of RfI description.

Request for Proposal Development
  • Customer needs specification.

  • Evaluation criteria for assessing proposals.

  • RfP summary – customer background, lines of business, set of specifications and evaluation rank criteria.

  • Statement of work – tasks and timeline description.

SWOT Analysis
  • Understanding of automated processes.

  • Appropriate technology selection and configuration to support them.

Java Technology

Services and expertise for developing web, mobile and standalone applications in JAVA tailored to the specific needs of financial and banking institutions. 

Big Data

Big Data Architecture – Design & Creation

Understanding Big Data needs of business/organization.

Business Data Hubs Creation
  • Fast access of all kinds of information.

  • Process, analyze, store any volume and type of data from multiple sources.

Additional Data Definition

Social Networks, Location Services used for alternative info sources.

Database Services

Configuration & Installation

Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Databases

Database Upgrade
  • Requirements consideration

  • Relocating data files

  • Upgrading packages  

Database Migration
  • Oracle database to Windows and .NET

  • MySQL to Oracle database

Monitoring & Tuning

Alerts, database performance, problems and workloads, analysis and optimization.


Application fixes, operational and configuration support, performance tuning.

Body Renting 

Database expertise on-site.

Business Process Design and Management Services

Business Process Modeling 

An analytical representation or mapping workflows of a bank’s/financial institution’s business processes. Benefits of the service are customer and supply chain management, operational performance improvement, business process integration and automation, cost reduction and new business opportunities.

Analysis Phase
  • Understanding business processes.

  • Collection of processes and activities identifying.

  • GAP Analysis performance.

  • Comparison between current and future business processes.

Remodeling Phase
  • Current processes remodeling.

  • Identifying areas for future improvement.

  • Remodeling steps in diagrams.

  • RACI matrix for description of processes and responsibility assignments. 

Body Renting

Business process expertise remote or on-site.

Types of Modeling Projects:
Process Improvement
  • Streamline the process.

  • Requirements Understanding and Measurement.

  • Eliminate the risks of value losing.

Technology Oriented
  • Understanding of automated processes.

  • Appropriate technology selection and configuration to support them.

Open Source Solutions

Open Source Assessment

Analysis for open-source systems.

GAP Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis

  • Relevant Data Collecting

  • Resource to Process Allocation

  • Roadmap preparation to open source solution. 

  • Migration strategy definition. 

Implementation & Migration
  • Development based on open source software. 

  • Migration execution.


Operational maintenance and consistent development.

Internet Web & Application Service

Engineering & Security
  • Web & Application Consulting

  • Optimal user experience design and architecture

  • Frontend and Backend for Web

  • iOS, Android and Windows platforms

  • Application Programming Interface


Web & App Solutions

Data Warehouse

Architecture Review & Design
  • Requirements and GAP Analysis 

  • Architecture assessment to build a complete Data Warehouse

System Implementation
  • Business Decisions - definition, gathering and prioritizing of business requirements

  • Sources System Identification

  • Data Stages - plan for extraction, transfer and load of data /ETL/ processes from all system sources

  • Data Marts - creation of separate cubes, which contain only summarized data from the DWH

  • Reporting

Project Completion & Support
  • Project conclusion. 

  • Material and reports archive, estimate project results to the customer. 

Body Renting

Warehouse expertise remote or on-site.

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