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Allianz Bank Bulgaria

Status: Completed (October 2007)
Sector: Banking

Company overview

One of the leading Banks in Bulgaria, as part of Allianz Bulgaria Holding including: Pension fund, Insurance Companies and Leasing.
June 2006 - Asset Size – over 450Mil EUR, Number of branches – 126 locations, 95 branches defined 31 offices, Number of customers 175 000 (of which 25 000 corporate & 150 000 retail), Number of accounts 250 000, Number of Loans 40 000, strong MM operations.

Situation Overview

In 2005 Allianz Bank Bulgaria, made a decision to modernize its business, operational model and processes and to provide efficient products and services to retail and midmarket clients. The bank needed a standardized IT platform and infrastructure in line with Allianz Germany. Change of IT policies, business procedures and risk requirements on group level and local market were a strong decision factor at the time. Old legacy system was unable to integrate in real time with satellite systems, Cards, Internet banking, SMS, Mobile phone had to be modified. The whole non-scalable model was unable to handle the increase of customer base and demand products. The bank had a very slow time to market of new products from 3 to 6 months minimum. Finally the Bank chose Sirma Business Consulting for the entire transformation and to help in the management of execution of Project “ANI” – Allianz New Image.

ANI Business lines impact

  • Redesign of business targets & goals;

  • New branch business and POS model;

  • Structured products, Current, Accounts, Savings Accounts, Term Deposits, Retail Loans, ON Deposits, National & International payments, Cards, Cheques, Cash management;

  • Trade Finance and derivatives LC, LG, Bills, Collections, Corporate Loans;

  • Treasury – FX, MM;

  • Creation of Indirect channel model;

  • CBO, OPS & IT model + centralisation;

ANI Project IT solution deliverables

  • Core Banking System selection & integration;

  • ERP system selection & parameterisation;

  • CMS & online authorisation system;

  • Customer evaluation system & scoring;

  • Work flow management system;

  • Local and international payments system;

  • Online banking and mobile banking system;

  • Notifications and statement generation system;

  • Central Bank and regulatory reporting system;

  • MIS based on Oracle OBIEE system;

  • ITIL service desk system;

  • Audit monitoring toll;

SirmaBC responsibilities & engagements in ANI Project

  • Project management and governance, PMO team and logistic;

  • External, Internal Project communication and PR;

  • Process design and internal regulation consultancy;

  • Change management and help in recruitment process;

  • Development of Bank capacity model and BO operations;

  • System integrator and main implementer of:

    • Oracle Flex Cube + technical support and consultancy;

    • Oracle ERP, Oracle OBIEE, Oracle BPM, Oracle DWH;

  • System development and installation of SirmaBC products as:

    • Payment Portal, WeBank, mBank, SCard, UBReX, Direct, ceGate;

  • Data migration and data clearing;

  • Training of technical staff and front office officers. PGL support;

Benefits of ANI

June 2014 - Asset Size – over 1100 Mil EUR, Number of Bank locations 152, 100 branches defined 52 offices, Number of customers 275 000 (of which 75 000 corporate & 200 000 retail), Number of accounts 350 000, Number of Loans 80 000 amount 800 Mil EUR, 35 000 credit cards, strong MM and Treasury operations;

  • A vast range of products and stable customer growth rate increased, accounts, loans and credit cards increase from 5% to 25%, on a yearly basis;

  • A range of new services introduced such as on-line card authorization, Omni banking, what if reporting and Analysis to Predictive reports;

  • Customer scoring system interfaced to FlexCube, reduced the average time for decision making from 2.5 days to 4 Hours;

  • Ability to integrate with all electronic channels and process transactions;

  • Ability to provide adequate Finance, Accounting, RISK, External and Internal audit information;

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